Why Did You Vote for Obama?

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You tell me. Why exactly did you vote for Obama? What gave you the reason to vote for him? As a an American, it is your duty to give to this country as well as stay in the idea of freedom of speech. If you are going to vote, do think about the consequences.

Many people in my school wanted Obama to be president because he was black. That is a not very good reason to vote for someone. You have to understand which person is better suited for president. Did everyone who voted for McCain vote for him because they do not like Obama or maybe because he was a white.

As you vote, did you think about what you are doing? Your vote could change America for the better or worse. The fact that voting for someone based on color of skin is absolutely a horrible excuse for voting.

Did you do your homework on Obama or McCain? Who did this in their past or what is their history? You have to study that so you can do something better for our country. Do not be ignorant, vote for who is positive for this country.

I never said to regret voting for Obama or regret voting for McCain. You have four years until the next election to decide if you will vote for Obama or vote for Someone who you believe will change us for the better.

I will be 18 that year, 2012. I will be voting and rest assured, I as a citizen of the United States of America will vote on the terms that my vote shows for the presidency of a individual who I can prove make better of us. I will be doing my homework. You will see.

Where this country will end up is up to you. But be alert, as once it is too late, there will be no turning back and we as Americans will loose all that we have fought for in the past 300 years and be erased from history as the DREAMLAND.


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