9 Ways for Small Business to get Traffic, (Bear Minimum)

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9 Ways for Small Business to get Traffic, (Bear Minimum)

This is a bear minimum structure I am mentioning today.  This is a structure I used
Weekly for my social Media Marketing. In my opinion with all the learning curves I have had this is my bear minimum structure which I will share with you.

  1. Blogging
  2. Article Marketing
  3. Digg
  4. Facebook
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Youtube
  7. Syndication of Content
  8. Google
  9. Twitter

I know there are more, I am known to test out mixx and prosperous as they are quite nice tools but I cannot yet see the value they give me.   This has to be my best personal Marketing list of what not to be without.

This was not proven by me, I did not do years of research but I did have it proven to me that it works.  I had no subscribers on my blog, now I have 55 on one and 100 on the other.  I did not have my good information coming up first in the search engines, now I do.  So I listened to Simon U Ford, he put the time in to test, retest and try out the methods available and bring a mix that is to everyone’s advantage in Social Media through Social Traffic.  I believe that his training in Social Media gave me huge value and lead me where I wanted to go.

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