Science Project Ideas for the Upcoming School Year

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Doing a science project isn’t usually the hard part; it’s coming up with a unique and fun idea. Students always want to try and come up with something that no one else has done. Many students resort to the old ‘volcano’ project and that is always fun, but if you use your noodle and think about it, there is no end to the enjoyable and informative projects you can do. A good place to get ideas is at the Discovery Channel or NASA websites. Surfing either of those places should spur you on and help you come up with so many new ideas that you won’t know which one to choose. Another great site for ideas is Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

Compare methods/pans of gold panning

Sugar substitutes vs sugar….are they just as sweet?

What’s the fastest way to chill your soda?

Build your own radio receiver

Show how the seismic waves from an earthquake travel

Show how salty water has to be to make an egg float

Show how an electric guitar works

Build your own xylophone

Compare wood types to see which ones burn faster…or slower

Compare the strengths of sunscreens

Compare the effects of plant growth stimulants such as Miracle Gro

Test the effects of different pollutants on plant growth

Find out which laundry detergent REALLY gets clothes brighter

Compare walking in the rain to running through the rain; which gets you wetter?

Hopefully these ideas will come in handy to you or will bring to mind other projects and experiments!

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