Handling the news and a baby diagnosed with hip dysplaysia

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First of all depending on the diagnosis and degrees of the hip displacement all will determine what will take place. The doctor will be able to treat this with a brace if it is in the early stages, if not then surgery and a cast may be necessary. I recommend you find some support, you may not even know anyone else who has ever been through this but there are many families who have and their is a great website which i have found to be a wonderful comfort and very informative. I will include that at the end of this article. Any parent facing hip dysplasia with their child is going to need support.

There will be times that can very frustrating. When you take care of a child in a spica cast, it can be very tiring. I recommend purchasing a bean bag chair for the baby, it will provide constant support and can be manipulated to help you as their caregiver to feed them or allow them to play comfortably. Do your best to make them comfortable and whatever works to help them sleep than do it.

Take a break sometimes. Have a close friend or family member come over so you can visit the chiropractor or even go somewhere quiet to sit for awhile. It really can be a trying time on you physically and emotionally, it is important you try to make time for some peace. During the quiet times reflect and ask God to help you, and to give you strength.

Try to prepare yourself as much as you can in this area of hip dysplasia. Take advantage of this website and get to know other parents who are going through this, believe me you will want to know others have made it through and can support you. The time will pass and with each cast change it is one step closer to the process being over.

** Just a note: The cast change and cast removal can be traumatic if you have an infant. No parent wants to see their infant in this scenerio, but please try to keep in mind that this is helping them have a better future.


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