Make a cup of coffee perfect every time!

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If you haven’t already invested in a Bunn than try to do so because a Bunn coffee maker is a fast drip system that has extremely hot water and brews the entire pot in three minutes. When you purchase the new coffee maker follow the set up instructions for proper brewing. The Bunn provides a fuller and richer flavor because of the brewing time completely submerging the coffee grinds in water as it is dispensed.

Purchase a coffee grinder. You can go high end or stay cheap with this, it doesn’t matter to much as long as you can grind the whole beans fresh in your own kitchen. Grinding the whole beans ensures your coffee tastes fresh and has a flavorful taste.

If your looking for a reasonable coffee; Eight o Clock Coffee is a very reasonable coffee that tastes delicious and can be purchased at your local grocery store. Measure the whole beans into the coffee grinder. You will want to measure 3 1/2 tablespoons of whole beans for 8 cups of water in the Bunn coffee maker. Grind the beans fairly fine and then put into the coffee filter in your coffee.

After you put the coffee grinds into the filter that is placed inside your Bunn coffee maker, pour your water in and get your coffee mug ready. It takes less then three minutes when using this type of coffee maker and you can be sitting enjoying the perfect cup of coffee every single time.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bunn coffee maker
  • Eight o clock coffee whole bean
  • coffee grinder
  • 8 cups of fresh spring water
  • tablespoon

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