How To Conceive Twins the Natural Way

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We all enjoy seeing twins running about, looking alike, speaking for each other, and generally, just making us smile. For some reason, two people who are carbon copies of each other seem to put us in awe. There are six and half billion people on the planet Earth and they are all, nearly all, completely different from one another. Two people who seem to be exactly alike, still is an oddity to us. Many people want twins. They are a select few who can handle the double duty of diaper changings, feedings, naps, teething, kindergarten, graduation and college. The rest of us think twins are great, but have no desire to attempt such an undertaking. If you are one of the few super parents who would like twins in your life, here are some things you can do or consider when trying to conceive twins.

Gain weight. It is believed that a woman with a Body Mass Index above 30 has a greater chance of conceiving twins. It is a fact, that being overweight affects your ovulation and menstrual cycles, so perhaps it follows that you may conceive twins.

Eat yams. Yams are thought to promote estrogen production which increases ovulation. Some tribes in Africa live on yams, and have enormous rates of birthing twins. Dairy products also, allegedly aid in estrogen production.

Heredity will of course play a factor. If twins already run in your family, you have a higher than average chance of conceiving twins.

Age is a factor. The closer you get to menopause, you ovaries begin what is lovingly called an ‘egg dump’. This will increase your chances of twinning.

Try taking folic acid. This too has been linked to higher rates of twins.

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