Praising God

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It is easy to say that GOD will provide for our needs when we have a stable job or a successful business. It is even much easier to give thanks for all the bountiful blessings that we get each day when we see or hear about people who are less fortunate-the hungry, the sick and the helpless.  Isn’t it uncomplicated to sing praises and worship God when you are not starving? Isn’t it comfortable to say that the Lord is good when we have money in the bank? 

Eight months ago, my husband bought 500 ducklings to start a duck farm business. He was very optimistic that after about 6 months, he would be able to get around 350 eggs daily. Without much knowledge and money, he had patiently worked in the farm to make sure that the ducks would have all the essential things they needed like clean water, and complete food. When the 6th month came, he noticed that the ducks started shedding feathers. And because of this, the ducks couldn’t produce eggs. Oh, no!

This has put us in a tight situation because we have been counting on this business to really provide for our daily needs, not to mention, improve our financial status. To this time, we are still waiting for the ducks to start laying eggs. My husband has changed the feeds from rice hull to ground corn and, so far, he notices some improvement in the ducks’ behavior. Since we still don’t have a really good source of income, my husband doesn’t have any choice but to just borrow money from his sister to be able to sustain our daily needs. I also get much aid from my parents who send money for my children. This is one of the most trying times in my life as a parent. Sometimes I feel that it’s difficult to get up in the morning when I don’t even know where to get food for my children. Indeed, my family’s condition has humbled me so much.

So, you might ask us how we can still carry a smile and praise God after all this hope-wrecking circumstances that have transpired.  No matter how violent a storm is, it is bound to go away, the sun is going to shine soon enough. We can say that God is good because even when we can’t trace his hand, we can feel His love in many, many ways. He has never let us retire at night with empty stomachs. He has never let any form of diseases consume us. And when we are almost at the brink of giving up, he always shows us multiple reasons to thank Him.

 Yes, after the storm, the sun will shine very brightly to warm us up just as God’s love warms us in the cold moments of our lives. We don’t need money in the bank to be able to have thankful hearts. In this very dark moment of storm in our life, we need FAITH in our pocket…after all it’s the only thing I got in mine right now. And I will praise my God as long as I live.


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