How to Start Your Own Computer Repair Business

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The steps below will help in getting your computer business off the ground, help with ways to get clients, and make money.

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    Decide on the types of repairs you will offer and prices. Will you charge by the hour or by the service offered? I started repairing my own computer because it got expensive paying $35 an hour. However, most people are not computer literate as I am and are very willing to pay someone to repair their computer

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    Make up some free business cards; use some artwork of computer being repaired and hand them out to all of your friends and family. Offer a free cleaning with every repair to get testimonies from satisfied customers to add to your fliers. Make sure you include how many years of experience.

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    Get insured! You can highlight on your business card that you are insured. This will cover you and offer peace of mind to your customers as well.


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