How to Know What Ingredients to Use for Carp Fishing Bait

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carp-main_Thumb.jpg carp

  1. Step 1instantgrits_Thumb.jpg instant grits

    GRITS – carp love grits and grits are a base ingredient for a lot of carp bait recipes. they are also one of the best baits to use because they pack well when made.

  2. Step 2instantrice_Thumb.jpg instant rice

    RICE – carp love rice. the basic rice recipe for carp consists of rice and ketchup but there can be many more combinations made or flavors added as well. rice is a great carp bait but has to be prepared right or it can be difficult to pack and fish with.

  3. Step 3soybeanmeal_Thumb.jpg soybean meal

    SOYBEAN – soybean is another favorite for carp. there are a lot of combinations for soybean recipes. it’s not a very hard bait to prepare and packs well.

  4. Step 4crackedcorn_Thumb.jpg whole kernel, cream style, or cracked corn

    CORN – carp absolutely love corn. you can use cracked corn, cream style or whole kernel corn as a mixture in your bait. you can never go wrong using corn of any kind in your bait.

  5. Step 5Oats_Thumb.jpg oats

    OATS – this is a great base ingredient for catching carp as well. it can be a little messy to fix but there are a variety of flavors that you can add to it that will produce success.

  6. Step 6troutchow_Thumb.jpg trout chow

    TROUT CHOW – a lot of ponds don’t allow trout chow or only allow it certain times of the year. the carp love it and you’ll catch them just about anywhere using this but make sure it’s allowed if you’re fishing at a pay lake.

  7. Step 7millet_Thumb.jpg millet

    MILLET – this is also a great bait for carp. they really love it. it can be a little difficult to prepare but it’s one of the easiest baits to pack and throw. the only fall back is, there are also a lot of ponds and pay lakes out there that don’t allow this bait either or only in certain seasons, so make sure it’s allowed before you go.

  8. Step 8instant-potatoes_Thumb.jpg instant potatoes

    POTATOES – instant potatoes is another base ingredient for some carp recipes. carp will bite potatoes and fixed right, this can be a pretty cheap and easy bait to use.

  9. Step 9ketchup_Thumb.jpg ketchup

    KETCHUP – carp love the smell and taste of ketchup and will bite it in a variety of different baits most of the time.

  10. Step 10mustard_Thumb.jpg mustard

    MUSTARD – have you ever heard of mustard dough? well, its a combination of mustard and rice made into a carp bait. i’m not sure it works as well as ketchup but they do like it and will bite it.

  11. Step 11jello_Thumb.jpg fruit flavors

    FRUIT FLAVORS – carp will most of the time feed on the fruit that is in season at the time. examples are strawberry, blueberry, cherry, peach, lime, etc. a lot of people use these flavorings, either their favorite or as the seasons change, according to what’s in season. carp love them and will bite them. they are also easy to get and use. you can buy them at the grocery store in the form of flavored jell-o or kool aid, or get them at the lake you fish at in the bottled flavorings.

  12. Step 12peanutbutter_Thumb.jpg peanut butter

    PEANUT BUTTER – carp will also bite peanut butter. you can add it to your bait as an attractor or flavoring.

  13. Step 13chocolatesyrup_Thumb.jpg chocolate syrup and flavorings

    CHOCOLATE – carp are diabetic fish but their bodies work differently from ours so they can handle and love sweets, so you know they have to love chocolate flavorings.

  14. Step 14sugar_Thumb.jpg sugar

    SWEETS – as i said, carp are diabetic and it’s hard for them to resist sweet offerings, so sweet flavored baits, syrups, or adding sugar to your baits will produce excellent results.

  15. Step 15eggs_Thumb.jpg eggs or other foods high in amino acids

    PROTEINS/AMINO ACIDS – carp need amino acids to live and survive and foods with protein provide a lot of those. eggs are a good example. they can be used in your bait to mix with.

  16. Step 16bread_Thumb.jpg bread made into a dough

    BREADS – carp will also bite bread. i read somewhere the other day, that the usa record for a caught carp was 48 pounds and it was caught on a bagel!

    carp will bite and feed on a lot of food that we eat as you can see. there really isn’t just one magic bait out there, but by knowing the foods that they love and the ones they need to live and survive, you should be able to increase your chances of catching the big one. good luck!


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