How to Make a Blog That Makes Money

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I have learned a few things on how these people are actually making an income with their blogs and now you can learn too.

First you must realize that you need guidance. You should really consider purchasing a course or joining a group that can show you how it’s really done. I don’t mean join the first group that promises that you will make a million dollars with your blog. What I mean is do your homework and really ask around. When you find others making an income ask them to show you proof and if they can’t keep looking. I have provided my mentor’s link in the resource section to help you get started.

Secondly resolve in your mind that it takes work to make money. If it was as easy as those ads say it is then everyone would be rich and there would be no one searching for how to make money online.

Thirdly, be willing to invest the time. It takes time to build your income with anything and making money with a blog is no different. One of the things my mentor taught me that I found to be so true is you can really make a passive income with blogging. I have learned how to make my blogs work for me and now I know how the other people are doing it. There are no hidden secrets anymore.

Plan to make more than one blog. You will make money with one blog but you won’t get rich, not unless you are someone famous like President Obama or you are so well known expert in your field. The key is having more than one blog in different niches. Once you learn how to make money with your first blog the rest is a piece of cake.

You don’t have to be an expert to make money. I used to think I needed to be an expert in my niche in order to write about it. That was another thing I learned by having a mentor. I didn’t need to be an expert to write a blog about a particular topic. You can do it too!


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