Alkaline Water- The Blessing in Disguise

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In order to maintain our body temperature we need to have right ph level which can be provided by drinking alkaline water, ionized water, Kangen water etc.

Alkaline water is anti ageing, and also contains anti oxidant and has the right amount of ph level. It has more of alkalis in it than acids as acids are harmful to our body. Its ph level is more than 7. More the ph value less acidic it is. It has some minerals in it which our body needs to circulate the blood specially to pump blood in and out of the heart.

Normally if we drink tap water it could lead to many diseases as it is not pure, has germs and harmful oxidants which our body does not need. It is therefore more basic in nature.

Alkaline ionized water is electrically neutral water that is the ph value is maintained. It is done through electrolysis. It has some basic components like calcium, magnesium etc which our body needs for health improvement. If we lack calcium in our body then our bones would become weak and our joints would pain continuously.

And lack of magnesium would make our body less resistant to foreign agents which would therefore lead to fatigue, stress, regular fever etc.

Water ionizers are an electrical appliance which ionizes or purifies water. It separates the acidic components and basic components into to divisions. It is done through electrolysis.

Free radicals present in the water have to be removed which can only be done through such systems.


In our day to day life we cannot afford the time to boil water as in earlier days people used to boil water which took lot of time. Now the advanced systems have come which purify the water without any effort. We just need to buy and install it. Before people use to boil the water and then had to cool it but now the water which we get after purifying is cool enough to drink. The death rates have decreased tremendously. Before people had little knowledge about the water which we drink. They drank the normal tap water which had almost all the germs in it which lead to less resistant power and therefore death rates were high at that time. Now when the technology has improved and with more of education provided to all the citizens we have gained a greater knowledge about the systems of our body and how it works.

Kangen water is a brand name. it is highly expensive. It is a healthier form of water. It has all the anti oxidants, minerals and has high resistant power.

It even has small molecules. We normally in our day to day lives have more of acidic beverages which leads to imbalance of our ph level and therefore cause many problems. Sometimes these could be the reason for cancer. So to avoid all such harmful activities in our bodies we need to have right amount of food and water. 70% of our body is filled with water so we should have more of pure water.

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