A Deffense for Kate Gosselin!

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Many people are familiar with the hit reality series Jon and Kate plus 8 that is currently one of TLC highest rated programs. An appealing reality show that follows Jon and Kate through their daily lives, exposing the hardships and complications of raising two sets of multiples. What makes their life so easy to watch and criticize? For what reason do many households focus on the hardships of this particular couple, especially Kate, rather than focusing on the hardships they face themselves? When you read this article you will learn about this ordinary mother of eight, who soon became apart of everyone’s life.

For months now tabloids have bashed this overly stressed mother and have turned many of her viewers against her; from having an affair with her bodyguard, to being to harsh on her eight children. Viewers take the exaggerated information and execute it like a sin upon God without thinking twice about these exposed traditions. For one  when you see headlines that shout “Kate abuses children at beach” your first reaction is to look down upon such actions when really instead of looking at the situation as a whole you look at the negativity. Many parents have acted in such ways that are similar to Kate’s when their children act out in public. Not for a second will a reporter turn their head to catch an average parents spanking there child and not for a second would an average parent criticise that parent for doing so. So why is it that Kate Gosselin gets bashed by average parents for doing what a typical parent might do themselves?

Now many people might want to debate whether the money hungry Kate is as innocent as she looks. My response is that she is just doing what she can do to support her family. In today’s economy people are scared of going bankrupt or becoming financially unstable due to the lack of stability our economies hold themselves. You have to look at the bigger picture and ask yourself if you were in her position what would you have done. People with honest answers should realize that what they would do is not much different from what she is doing already.

When you take a look at the couple together, Jon and Kate, you will find yourself addicted to the unstable relationship and the unpredictable outcome of the two. Many people notice while watching the show that Kate seems to be the strict one of the two; the one who yells and bosses Jon around. If you take a minute to take a step back and look at what she is dealt with you will soon realize that it is a lot for one person to handle; from camera always rolling and eight young children always wanting there mommy. It is a lot of stress for one person to undergo.  Not to mention the strain that is put on the relationship itself when there is no time to actually talk and work things out.

So long story short Kate should not be taken down by the over exaggerated headlines and articles. Honest fans of the show look at the whole picture itself and not just bits and pieces and understand the emotional stress and journey that they have to overcome.


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