How to Write Articles That Make Money

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  1. Pick a topic. Pick topics that are being search for regularly. Using Google Adwords Keyword tool I type in a topic or phrase to see how many people are looking for information about this topic. Then based on how many, I write an article about that topic if it interest me. Now I have a topic that interest me and is being sort after.

  2. Write a title that grabs your audience. Choose a title based on how you would search for the information. Google Adwords Keyword tool is good for this also because it also gives you keywords phrases that people are entering to find information on a particular topic. Don’t forget to use your keyword phrase in your title.

  3. Focus a little on keyword placement. Search engines crawl your page looking for keywords so give them what they seek. Think about the keywords and keyword phrases for your particular topic. For example, how to write articles that make money can be used as my keyword phrase in this step. But be careful not to over do it. The crawlers like Googlebot know when an article is stuffed with keywords as opposed to quality content. Just have an idea so when you write your article you put a few here and there, namely in your introduction, two or three in the body of your article is plenty.

  4. Write your article. Write articles that will help your readers. This is by far the most important of all the steps on how to make more money with your articles. Why? I will tell you, if you write articles that truly offer your reader something they can use you will make more money. Your reader will want to share the information and not only that will look to see what else you have to offer.

  5. Promote your articles. I felt it necessary to add this step because you can have to best article in the world but if no one knows about it then what good is it? There are sites like eHow and just to name a few that you can get your articles some exposure. Ehow has a neat feature that you can click to let your twitter friends know each time you post a new article. Check it out!

  6. Link to other articles. Use your resource section to make money with your articles. Similar to step five but more focused on promoting your other related articles. Take this opportunity to link to your other articles that might not have been read otherwise. This is a great opportunity to keep the reader in your loop of articles.


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