Obama’s Speech 9-8-09: In The Eyes of a High Schooler

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I am a high school student. I am a sophomore and taking a advanced History class. Today the speech was given during my History class so we go a little into it.

My teacher passed out an article about how parents who are protesting against this speech and as I read I thought about the two ways this speech can be taken. One, the people are over reacting about a speech that would be encouraging the children and benefit their inspirations. Or, there trust in Obama is very broken apart and believe that they are doing the right thing.

Listening to the speech I think, “What is the message, what is he trying to tell us?”. In any case or point, the primary answer would be that he is telling us something that many student are told constantly, that your future is based on what you do now. That is normally something your mom, principle, teacher, and even your classmate might say.

But as we think about it again, we see that our President isn’t exactly someone we can all just trust. Things like his middle name or how he used the “race card” to win the election puzzles us. The fact that everyone was voting for him because he will be the first black president instead of what is good the country. Even now, some people are regretting voting for him.

And you think, well Obama said all those thing while running for president, then once elected he just changes his mind. Did he just persuade us? Obama probably has had years of orating practice, so his way with words can woo anyone into join his side. And who is to say he did do that? Then again, who is to say he didn’t?

Our sources are all true and our idea isn’t entirely right. Who exactly is Barack Obama?

Back to the classroom, the general idea that hit my class was just his main words, not the way he was trying get to our heads, so to say. We focused on how our future depends on what we do today. We didn’t care what he was attempting whether he was attempting something or not. Even if it was Hitler swinging those words around, you want to take those words the right way, not using them as a bad thing.

So, maybe he was using subliminal messaging. MAYBE. Some of the things he says could have definitely been modified by Obama to get a different message to the children.

THis article right here tells plenty about that:

Very good ideas in there if you ask me and I elaborated on most of them.

So in general, whether you understand Barack or not, do realize that it is not Barack you are listening to, but the voice of truth telling you that education is important if you want to get somewhere.


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