How to cupon shop

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To this faster and easier to understand, im going to put this into steps for everyone.

1. Start on the internet, and look for websites that have printable coupons. Some websites like are places where you can check the local sales and print coupons all in one place. I have not been to this web site in a while and do not know if it is still working, last time i checked they were redoing the web site.

2. Go to the gas station and pick up a paper, take a look at the sales adds and the coupons they offer. If there is a good sale with a coupon you can always buy another paper.

3. Always check the sales ad in the front of the store to check out the sales for the week. If there are none left i would definatley ask because that is important in saving money at stores.

4. Put your coupons in a bider or file cabnet to stay orginized. I use a binder so i can take it to the store with me.

Tips- Do not use a coupon for one store at another one because it will not be accepted, ive tryed.

Do not use to many coupons at one time, some stores have set a ten coupon limmit because people were using so many coupons to save money. 

I highly recommend the searching the internet for coupon sites, because that is where you find the deals and the coupons for those deals. The internet is the best place you can go and i have found it is the easiest too!


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