Eccentric ways to travel

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1. For country living – The Zebra Carriage


Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild  (8 February 1868 – 27 August 1937) was a fabulously wealthy British banker, politician and zoologist.  He is remembered for driving a zebra carriage to Buckingham Palace.  He wanted to prove that the zebra could be tamed.  Look carefully and you will see that he cheated.  The team includes a horse

2. For town living  – The Iron Horse


in 1877 F M Lupton published the childrens classic Black Beauty by Anne Sewell.  The book exposed the difficult life of a horse drawing cabs on the streets of London. Things were more advanced in San Fransisco.  By 1876 the first stream trams were appearing on the streets and spooking the horses.  S. R. Mathewson had the answer.  He proposed this gas fired tram that resembled a horse. The bell held over the horses head was a legal requirement for all steam locomotives running in American streets.

3. For pleasure – The giant tricycle.


This photo was taken in 1898.   The vehicle was built as a publicity stunt to advertise “VIM” tyres.  These were made by the Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company.  This vehicle required an eight man crew.  It was hard to steer, particularly in wet weather.   The tyres are completely free of tread.  Two determined men were required to steer it using twin steering wheels.  The rear wheels are 14ft in diameter.


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