Emotionally Smart

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When looking for work, it is no longer important to see your job as a an accumulation of intelligent tasks one has to have an intelligence beyond the books. Translated in everyday words, one has to be street smart and be able to pick up cues and no how to act socially. One has to be able to contain his frustration and know when it is the moment to be courteous. In a book on emotional intelligence by Golemen, the issue of having to know more than just routine facts about your employment became something that new job hunters had anticipated; with a shrinking job market, it had already became apparent that one had to have others aces in his hand besides having had top grades for a job posting. Down sizing has continued in Montreal and other cities around the world since this book has been released ten years ago.

The author makes it clear that emotional intelligence is much more than just being nice to someone, it has to do with being savvy enough to deal with the stress of the job so that the employer is going to keep you instead of demoting you or keeping you from advancing because in his eyes, you cannot deal with too many tasks to do at the same time. A lot of this behavior is something that we learn away from the books and goes back to how we learned to live on our own and cope with the stress of that. Sociologists will admit to the fact that there are certain elements that men can be credited for as opposed to women such as being better able to cope with the stress of work however women are better able to show compassion and that could help in other regards. All tolled emotional intelligence has no sexual parameters.


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