How to fold a tshirt fast

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Folding a t shirt can be a hassle and even boredom but we have to do it in order to fit in one’s closet or after doing laundry.  It is certain that you have to fold a tshirt or an alternative to that would be: hanging them in a hanger, but I’ve found a way to fold a t shirt quickly and in no time.

You have to practice this plenty of times to get it and to also remember the steps. At first you will be confused but you will get it.

Follow the instructions below, exactly how it is written:

1. Obtain a t shirt.

2. Place it on a flat surface with the front side facing up and to the side like in the picture below.



3.Pinch at the top, next to the collar, then let go. Keep the pinch raised up.


4.With your two fingers make a line towards the middle of the shirt, this will be the folded part of the shirt, and make a pinch there.


5. Hold that pinch with your left hand.

6. Make a last pinch at the bottom of the shirt.


7.Now this is the easy part, Hold the middle pinch with your left hand. With your right hand,hold the top pinch (located next to the collar) then drag it under your left hand. Hold the top pinch and the bottom pinch together.

8. Lift and untwist your arms. While holding onto the pinches.

9. Place the t shirt on the surface with the sleeve folded in.

You now successfully folded a t shirt a different way but an easy way.


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