Choose a Hairstylist for Natural Hair

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To me, it is personal and upfront and if I am not comfortable with you I don’t want you in my space let alone my hair. This article will help choose a hairstylist for natural hair.

  1. Interview potential stylist. Visit a few natural hair salons and talk to the hairstylist. Ask as many questions as possible. If they can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction then move on to the next salon.

  2. Pay attention to how you feel in their presence. As you are talking with each stylist be mindful of how you feel around them. Do they have a calm way about them or are they out for the next dollar.

  3. Watch them in action. If you have the time, sit and watch the potential stylist in action with another customer. How does she/he interact with their customers? Do they take their time and listen to what the customer has to say?

  4. Ask for testimonials. This may seem a bit over the top but not if you expect to be treated well. Ask if they have customer’s that you can talk to. Also ask if they have a book showing their work on natural hair.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don’t be afraid to say “No thank you, I will continue to look around.”

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