How to Get Pregnant

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Understand the basics. You only can get pregnant once a month when your egg is fertile. This time is usually a couple days before your period, during your period, or after your period. Some women get extremely aroused during these couple of days; this is the human nature side taking over. I usually know when those few days are when I start getting aroused more often and to a much higher degree than on normal days.

You can buy ovulation tests to help measure your fertility levels if your body doesn’t create the automatic arousal response.

Don’t be afraid or grossed out to have sex on your period. Sometimes your window of opportunity is within this period.

Know the window for getting pregnant only lasts 24 to 48 hours.

I don’t know if this one is fact, but if you are trying to get a certain gender, I have heard that male sperm are the stronger sperm and arrive before female sperm, then there is a mixture, and then the straggling female sperm. Meaning that if you want a male, have sex during or later into your ovulation, while if you want a female, start before your ovulation.

This is because sperm can remain alive inside your for up to three days (fact).

Stressing about getting pregnant will not help. Stress can reduce hormone levels and affect your body in so many ways, including causing miscarriages.

Being overweight will also not help. A study was conducted that showed men who were overweight carried less sperm than one that was not. This is because it gets hotter on their genitals due to the extra layer or layers of fat. The extra heat causes some or most sperm to die. When getting pregnant, the more sperm your man releases, the better.

Then there is always the case where either you or your spouse are infertile or have a very low fertility level. I’m sorry if this is the case because it will be impossible or very hard for you to have children of your own. In these cases, leave it to chance, luck, god, a higher power, etc. and keep in mind that there are thousands of babies being left at adoption agencies and hospitals. Always consider adopting, although I know that is also a difficult process to go through.


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