Properly Deal With Police Officers

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First, pull over. If you are in the fast lane, do not pull to the left or stop in the lane. Wait for traffic and find a way to pull all the way over to the right shoulder. Sometimes the cop is not after you at all but someone in front of you. In this case pulling over to a right lane will be beneficial for you. If you don’t pull over but instead block the cop or stop in front of them allowing their “prey” to escape, you will most likely be the one getting the ticket.

Always pull over to the right side!!!

Second, before the police man gets to your door, get out your ID and Insurance. Make sure you have it out before they get to the door and your hands are on the wheel by the time they get to your window. This causes them to be less suspicious and will save you and them time, making you both happy. If you do not have Insurance, you will get a ticket, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. If you do not have your ID, sometimes they will let you slide (not all the time though) as long as you have your ID # memorized.

Third, be prepared for routine questions. These are simple questions like:Where are you coming from? Where are you going?Why were you speeding?They should also tell you why you were pulled over. Common stops include speeding, no seat belt, obstruction of license plate, no front license plate (for states like TX), expired registration or inspection stickers, failure to maintain a single lane, failure to signal lane change, and driving in the left lane without passing.

Fourth, if you have been drinking but it was seriously only one or two beers, COOPERATE with the police. Blow the PBT, give them your blood, do the tests. You should only NOT cooperate when you want to fight the ticket. By not cooperating you give them less evidence to use against you in court, if you are going to fight it and are guilty as sin. You will be going to jail if you DO NOT cooperate, regardless if you blood alcohol is below the legal limit.

Fifth, always be courteous (nice) and respectful to the police officer. Being steamed, mouthing off, or acting hostile will just make them care about your situation even less and cause them to spend more time than necessary writing up your ticket. This also may cause you to get extra tickets they might have let slide otherwise.Also, be respectful. Do not flash, cry, or be crude in order to get out of a ticket. It might work with VERY FEW police officers, but it will not work with most. If you have police living in your neighborhood, get to know them. Becoming friends with your local police or state troopers will help you when you are pulled over.

Sixth, be honest. Since a lot of police officers get lied to all day long by everyone they pull over, they will be surprised by your honesty that they will be more willing to let you out of your ticket or be more lenient when it comes to multiple tickets.

Seventh, do not go over 9 mph over the speed limit. They will still pull you over for speeding, but you are more likely to get a warning. Why? Police set a personal limit to what speeds people get warnings or tickets. This is to keep any biasness out of their decision. A lot of cops make 10 mph their set limit for when they start writing tickets. However, a few (not many) have it under or over 10 mph.

Eight, tell them if it is an emergency. Tell the emergency as well. Police will let you go if it is a true emergency.


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