How to Get More Mafia Wars Members

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Start out by joining Mafia Wars add me groups. You can find many different groups that are looking for Mafia Wars players that are looking to build their mafia. You can find these groups on both Myspace and Facebook. Once you find one of these groups, add your link so that people can easily add you to their mafia in Mafia Wars. This is probably the easiest way to get more members in Mafia Wars.

There are also many different Mafia Wars websites that have similar Add Me groups. You can find websites about Mafia Wars that have plenty of people begging to find more members with their invite link on them. Invite everyone that you want to be in your Mafia and send them a friend request with MW or Mafia Wars so that they know you are inviting them for Mafia Wars and not because you think that they are a long lost friend.

Invite all of your friends to play Mafia Wars with you. Send invites to all of your friends on Myspace or Facebook to join your Mafia. You can help your friends build their character by sending them items that you do not need anymore and help them level up faster in Mafia Wars. This is a great way to get more members in Mafia Wars.

There are people all over the internet looking to find more Mafia Wars Members. Just look around and eventually you will have a full Mafia and you will not have to worry about losing every fight because you do not have enough members. Use these tips and you should have a full Mafia in Mafia Wars in no time.

Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks

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