How to Lower My Cholesterol Naturally

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Lowering your cholesterol doesn’t have to require medication that carries with it some form of unwanted side effect.  Rather, here are several options to fighting off cholesterol very naturally.  Not only will you see results with your cholesterol levels, but you will also become much more healthy.

Seriously, fiber is a huge contributor to a healthier cholesterol, and it’s natural. Eat more oatmeal, fruits (with the skins), vegetables (especially the green ones), and beans. Try swapping all your breads and carbs with whole grains. Also, you can find fiber supplements to take (like Metamucil). Fiber actually binds to cholesterol, so when fiber exits the body, it takes cholesterol with it.

Reduce your consumption of bad fats and replace those with healthy fats. Examples of bad fats are those found in dairy products and red meats. Replace with healthy fats like fish and extra virgin olive oil.

The number one supplement for helping to reduce cholesterol naturally is Omega 3 Fish Oil. These fish oils are a great way to reap the health benefits of fish without having fish for dinner each day. Other supplements to consider are Vitamin B complex, chromium and garlic.

You got it…get moving. Exercise will help get your heart pumping and the blood flowing. Walk, jog, hit the gym…just get moving. This will have an incredible impact on your cholesterol scores.

  • Keep your doctor abreast of all you are doing to reduce your cholesterol…even if he is pushing medication.
  • Make your exercise routine something fun so that you keep coming back for more.

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