E-Commerce Role in Bussiness

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Commerce includes two words trading and aids to trade. Trading means buying and selling goods, service, and aids to trade means the ways by which trading is done, the main purpose of business concern is to earn profit. To make profit it is necessary to do buying and selling. Buying and selling is an integral part of commerce. Thus, business and commerce cannot separate from each other. For business, it is very necessary to include commencing the goods and services. Commerce is and important word which is related to business.

Now the concept of e- commerce has come which is very popular. E- Commerce is an important word, which is connecting to business. That concern to sell or buy goods and services in large scale to explore business, for the transferring of goods and services from one place to another and receiving payment for all this, this can be done on net which provide business concern a wider market than manual market, e- commerce brings a new revaluation in the business world. It provides global market to all the business concern which helpful for them to sell or buy the goods and services to large number of people. It helps them to make more and more profit. Because profit is the key base of any type of commercial business, for becoming commercial it is necessary to do selling and buying of goods and services.

Commerce or e- commerce and business are two spheres of a coin, which could not separate. Without commencing of goods and services none business can achieve his target to earn profit. Commerce and e- commerce provides true and fair record of all the transactions of business, without commerce or e- commerce the records of business transaction cannot be maintained, commerce or e- commerce saves the money of business providing systematic records of business transactions, it provides accuracy, speedy and cheaply way to do business. Thus, in end we can say business is incomplete without commerce or e- commerce.


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