How to Get Free Birth Control FREE

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Women. Know it is tough out there and funds are limited due to the recession. Also know how babies are currently not on your to-do list as you are trying to find your way through life; being responsible just for you is enough. Despite the recession, being responsible and being sexually active must go hand in hand, so being able to get free or affordable birth contol is important.

If you are a college student and would like to get on birth control, see first what your institution has to offer. Many colleges and universities support safe sex and make students aware of the services that are available. Many schools will have free condoms and female oral contraceptives free of charge. If not, they certainly have a reduced fee on birth control pills so that the average college student will be able to afford them.

Take a visit to your nearest Planned Parenthood Clinic. The official website is below. There you will find clinics in and around your area that will be able to accept you if you have no health insurance or if you cannot afford the high cost of birth control pills. Many clinics will want you to bring in a form of ID, Social security card, proof of residence, and check stubs to qualify for their medical assistance program that offers free or reduced birth control pills.

Shop around the internet seeking companies that offer free prescription drugs. Many times, these companies are like the of products. They offer free medication and even birth control pills for those uninsured as acts of donation. The good thing about these sites is that they also offer Medicaid plans that you can buy into at an affordable rate.


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