Texting while driving

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It has been a public knowledge how much dreadful drinking can  do to our lives. It can cause our life if we drive under the influence of alcohol.

But there is another dreadful activity that most people do. It is  texting while driving. We all know for a fact that when we drive, our one hudred (100) percent attention is needed.  We need to focus on what we are doing. We need to pay attention on the road every time we drive. But it seems that a lot of people do not follow this. A lot of people still continue this dreadful practice. We cannot  be doing two things at the same time while we are driving. Some people, like myself  do not want to turn on radio while driving. It feels as if my attention is divided if I listen to the radio.I want to hear what is going on outside or on the road when I drive. When we text while we drive, we look at two things, the road and our cellphone screens. We need to look down on our cellphones making sure that we are typing the right messages. But what we are forgetting is that every time we look down, our lives are at stake. Every time we look at our phones and see if we have sent the message, we put our lives at risk.

It is best not to use the cellphone at all when driving. It you feel that you need to read your text message for it might important to you, pull over your car and then read your text. That would be the only appropriate time for you to read your text and make the necessary messages. We should have an undivided attention when we drive.

I have seen a lot of video accidents involving texting while driving. A lot of have lost their lives. Some have broken bones, some have lost an arm or a leg. Do we have to let these things to happen to us even before we act reponsibly? Our lives are important. It is up for us to be responsible drivers. Let us not text while driving. Let us be responsible. Let us get to our destinations safely before we even regret it. DRIVE SAFELY.


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