What are the genuine work from home sites?

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I have come to a point when reading reviews on earning online websites that I will only believe in proofs. However, not all of these websites comes with payment proofs. So how are we able to know that the programs that we are going to jump into actually pays.

So I have come up with this article that gives you a review that actually includes all the payment proofs in the form of screen-shot together with some important details and information. The list of genuine homebased job sites as follows:

Bukisa – This is a get paid to write or freelance writer website. This website generally only publishes how-to or knowledge sharing articles. Creative writing, news opinion and the others are essentially not allow to be published. The minimum earned amount for payment request is capped at $10. The mode of payment is via PayPal. Bukisa generally pays more than any other freelance writer websites.Visit Bukisa payment proof.

Shvoong – This is a get paid to review, abstract and translate website. Shvoong has been gaining a fair bit of popularity for the ability for writers to share their reviews on various subject like websites, books, science and movies. People who loves to share their thoughts about books, movies and website generally earns more because many people tend to search about these topics with search engines. But the downside of this website is that it really takes comparatively more traffic than other freelance writer websites to earn a decent income. The trick about Shvoong is quantity. The more you write, the more you would earn. The minimum earned amount for payment request is capped at $10. The mode of payment is via PayPal. Visit Shvoong payment proof.

Helium – This is probably the most popular freelance writer website on the Internet. The key difference about Helium is that it actually publishes anything. You can never be running out of topics to write about in Helium. It is probably the most holistic get paid to write websites that covers all if not most areas. The minimum earned amount for payment request is capped moderately higher at $25. The mode of payment is via PayPal. Visit this page for the Helium payment proof.

GroundReport – This is a liberalized get paid to report news website. The objective of this website is to effectively and efficiently covers news from all parts of the world by localized writers to bring and share with the netizens all first hand and ground-breaking news. There is no minimum payout amount, earned amount will be paid in the following month. Mode of payment is via PayPal. Visit GroundReport payment proof.

MyLot – This is a get paid to discuss website. Users just need to post their responses or start discussion topics to earn some decent income. The amount earned for of such posts is not specified, but it is quite certain that it is based on traffic driven into the post. The minimum earned amount for payment request is capped at $10. The mode of payment is via PayPal. The only disadvantage about MyLot in my opinion is that the earning is not residual as money is earned on a per-post basis. Visit MyLot payment proof.

Planet-Pulse – This is a get paid to fill survey website. It is probably the survey website with the most survey opportunities as compared to many other get paid to participate in surveys website that I have joined thus far. The company is owns this website is based in Malaysia. Probably due to that people from Asian countries tend to benefit with more survey opportunities. But I am not very sure about this. The payment of Planet-Pulse is based on points system. Every 100 points is equivalent to US$1. Most successfully completed surveys will earn you 300 to 800 points. Just give some of your opinion and you are on your way to a decent income. The minimum payment request is 2500 points which is equivalent to US$25. The mode of payment is via PayPal. Visit Planet-Pulse payment proof.


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