Refinishing a Dresser

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If you already own a dresser that needs some improvement or you have landed a huge deal on craigslist, this project can transform your ugly dresser into something chic and trendy. Find a space in your garage or outside away from the elements. This transformation may take a day or two depending on how much time you put into it.

Take a drop cloth/old blanket/or even a piece of plywood to keep the dresser positioned on to help eliminate more of a mess later. Remove any hardware from the dresser and place in a bag with the screws so you can reattach after your finished. Apply a stripping agent, which can be found at any hardware store. Let the substance sit for the appropriate amount of time and remove then according to directions. In some cases the removal or the stripping agent may need a scraper (a 5 in 1) or some just require a smooth brush over with a cloth.

After you have removed the old paint/stain, take a little paint thinner on a rag to remove any access stripper and paint. Allow the dresser to dry and then take your electric sander over the entire piece. Sanding may require a few minutes to really get a smooth finish. Wipe down with a cloth and brush out the edges to remove the sawdust. The next step would be to apply your paint color or stain, allow adequate time for drying. After the dresser is totally dry you can decide if it needs another coat, if your satisfied with the color then apply a light finish with polyurethane to give it that shine and protection you want it to have for years.

  • Temperature plays a huge part in whether or not your stain and paint will dry properly. Make sure its a nice day and not too damp.
  • The hardware can be transformed as well if you want to give them a new look a fresh coat of spray paint brightens them up. Many old dressers have hardware that are hard to replace and can get very costly, the spray paint is a cheap and great way for it to look amazing.
  • Paint and stain fumes can be very dangerous, make sure there is plenty of ventilation and wear a mask while sanding to protect yourself.

<u>Things You’ll Need:</u>

  • space to work outside/garage
  • stripping agent
  • electric sander
  • sandpaper
  • paint/stain brushes
  • paint/stain
  • polyurethane

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