Improving your tutoring skills

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The first thing you have to do is access your student or child’s skills and learning style. Every child learns differently and has strengths and weaknesses that can be determined once you give a few assessments. These type of tests can be figured out relatively easily if you have resources handy or access to the internet. Most likely if your a parent who is heavily involved in your child’s life you will already know where the need is greatest. If this is not the case, no worries, there is help out there and wonderful websites you can look for in a very general google search. Type in learning style assessments, reading or math assessments, and resources will listed.

Encourage their strengths while recognizing their weak areas and build on those. Manipulatives are a wonderful way for kids to get excited about things like Math. They do not have to be anything fancy, you can use household items such as : marshmallows, crackers, pretzels, grapes, construction paper, etc..anything to help give them a visual of math may be what they need. Different approaches work for different students. Experiment and try different approaches to see where your child relates the best.

Maintain consistency with them and what you expect of them as you tutor. Showing a child patience is extremely hard and at times trying, however, in time they will respect you for that and be more willing to trust you and allow you to help them. You have to start out being more firm, it is always easier to start out being firm and then allowing them to see a more casual side later on once you have established the role as a tutor in their life.


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