Free Guaranteed Visa/mastercard Bank Account card you Carry In Your Pocket plus get $10 free

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Enter referrence code MYBABYLOVE and you will receive $10 cash free in your account for joining

AccountNow Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard cards work like a checking account. Keep your money safe in one of Accountnow prepaid card accounts instead of carrying it around in cash. All AccountNow prepaid accounts are FDIC insured, like a checking account, to ensure the safety of your money.Their prepaid accounts all come with a prepaid card containing the debit logo.

AccountNow prepaid cards are like bank issued debit cards but better. Not only can you make purchases and withdraw cash with the prepaid card, but you never have to worry about overdrafts because you can only spend what is in your account.Better than a credit card.AccountNow Prepaid Visa & Prepaid MasterCard cards do not extend credit like credit cards, meaning you can’t spend money you don’t have. Since you are only spending money you add to your prepaid card account, you can avoid falling into debt and possibly damaging your credit score. Because you’re not borrowing money, you will never have to worry about finance charges, late charges, or over-the-limit fees.

The AccountNow prepaid card is a Visa or MasterCard branded debit card. Not only can you use the card to shop & pay bills online, make hotel & car rental reservations, and purchase goods & services wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted but it can also be used to withdraw cash at virtually any ATM or bank.

Saves you lots of money.Save hundreds of dollars a year using the AccountNow Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard card instead of traditional checking accounts, credit cards, bill paying services, check cashing, or bill paying services.There are never any late fees, finance charges or overdraft fees. You get unlimited bill paying and credit builder free of charge – no need to pay for postage or money orders.

Also, you’ll never have to pay to cash your benefits or payroll check when you use their free direct deposit service.Helps build your credit history.Using the AccountNow Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard card can help you build your credit history in two ways. First, pay your bills online for free to save time, money, and demonstrate your credit worthiness.

AccountNow free credit builder program reports your bill payment history to PRBC, a credit bureau.Second, use the AccountNow iAdvance Line of Credit – a sensible borrowing alternative to payday loans. The iAdvance Line of Credit is a short term loan program that is easy to get and cost less than a payday loan.

When you pay back the loan, they will report your payment history to the major credit bureaus.Safer than cash.Your AccountNow Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCard card is protected against fraud with Visa’s Zero Liability and the MasterCard Zero Liability** coverage. This protects you from unauthorized charges made to your prepaid card account in case your card is lost or stolen.The funds on your AccountNow prepaid card are also FDIC-insured and backed by the US Government.Everyone is accepted.Getting an AccountNow Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCard card is easier then qualifying for a credit card or checking account. 100% guaranteed approval ensures you will qualify for one of their prepaid card accounts as long as you have valid identification.

If you have bad credit history or no credit at all you can still get an AccountNow prepaid card because they will never check your credit. Even if your banking history isn’t great or you are on ChexSystems, you are still eligible to get one of the prepaid card accounts.Don’t forget to use reference code MYBABYLOVE to receive $10 cash.


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