Stopping Roaches in their Tracks!

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For everyone who has ever seen an ugly roach in your home or dorm room, I have discovered this quick and cost effective way to rid roaches from your living space while I was in college. The building’s were old and alot of people clean or not, had roaches there lurking in the dark. I hated seeing them and always felt that roaches came with dirt. The misconception that roaches come from dirt is common. There are times that dirt can draw them in quicker and of coure poor living conditions never helps, however, also older buildings can just be a breeding ground. When there is poor maintance and upkeep overtime roaches will find your place a good place to call home!  I personally think roaches are disgusting and want them to be kept far away.

The first thing you need to do is to get to the store and get a bottle of Boric Acid. I have purchased this at the dollar store. Boric Acid is in a powder form, and comes in a bottle with a top that it can be easily distributed with as you go along the basboards. As you go around the baseboards of your home and shake the boric acid out in a line around the room, this creates a barrier. Also, you can sweep boric acid into cracks and crevices that you believe the roaches may crawl in or out of. Boric Acid does repel these nasty creatures and does help control them.

*Infestations may need an exterminator.


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