Making your own Mosaic

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The first thing you need to do is to go and pick out your tile and grout. The tile can be designed or just plain different color’s. The grout you choose is important; you want to try and get non sanded grout, when it dries its easier to wipe off your tile’ s. If you choose to use a piece of wood or an old mirror make sure you have that all ready to be tiled, wipe off any dust or dirt so the glue can adhere properly.

Go to a place where you can make a little bit of a mess, lay a few newspapers down and grab your tiles and a hammer. You do not need to slam the hammer into your tiles, that will cause them to shatter. The hammer just needs to tap on them gently to break them into the desired pieces. All of your pieces of tile can be used whether flat or rounded there will be a place for every piece if you want to use it. Once all of your tiles are broken and you have your pieces ready to go start to figure out which pieces you would like to put around the edges. Take a small amount of tile glue and start to place the tiles and work from the edge’ s inward. If you build up the edging first it’s easier to fill in the rest with smaller pieces later.

After you have placed all the tiles in the place you would like them to be, make sure you have them as close as you can get them but leave some space for the grout to fill in. Allow the tiles to dry overnight. The next day mix a small amount of the grout in your disposable cup with a small amount of water until you reach the desired consistency. You do not want your grout to be to runny or it will run out the sides, it has to be thick enough to basically stand on it’s own. Take your spatula and spread the grout over the tile piece’ s until all the spaces are filled in.

Wipe as much as you can off the tile before it dries. Allow it to dry for a few hours and then you can take a damp cloth and wipe the dust and remaining grout off the tiles. Allow to dry at least 12 hours to make sure its totally set before hanging anywhere.

Suggestions and Tips:

Tile piece’ s can become very sharp make sure you watch the edges while working.

Experiment first with a small item before working on your piece of artwork you want to display. If using a mirror tape off or place a piece of paper over the center that you would like to stay clean.

Things You’ll Need:

  • tiles (plain or with design)
  • small hammer
  • tile glue
  • mirror or wood to create your design on
  • sanded tile grout (whatever color you choose)
  • small amount of water
  • small spatula
  • disposable cup to mix grout

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