Organzing the Clutter

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Alright so your schedule has been a little crazy, the kids are involved with so much, or you just have way too much work to deal with the clutter, so what happens…it builds and builds. The first thing you really need to do is to set aside a few hours. If you have to plan it ahead of time then do it, make this a priority for your day.

You have to start somewhere so begin by making piles. Grab that big trash can because that’s actually going to be one of your “piles”. You have to sort through what is needed and what isn’t.Over time many people end up storing trash because they just get too busy to sort or throw things away that are taking up precious space. Once you have all the garbage taken out you can then start to organize the mess.

Get a filing cabinet and folders for important papers, receipt’s, and bills. Start sorting things out by putting these things first in the piles then later on you will have the cabinet to store them in. Highlight on the tabs which utility or bill that file represents.Once you have taken hours to complete these steps, and have placed all your papers that are important in files then take a step back and see what’s left. Books, videos, anything that can be put on a shelf or a box and label it, do that also, it helps clear the space you need to work or live with out the clutter.

**Clutter in your home or office actually clutters your mind. The clearer your work or living space is the more likely you are to be able to think and function better on a daily basis.


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