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At southeast Austin in Texas there is a best place where in you can unwind, spend your with your friends, business associates, and have a best place to stay. It is the very well known Bennu Coffee Shop. An award winner of Austin’s Coffee Shop Twitter Coolness, this coffee shop is the best place to have a cup-a-joe.

Early in the morning, many people came here to have their breakfast like students, professionals, and local Austin’s residents. They offer a very convincing menu that will really satisfy your urge in the morning.

Bennu Coffee Shop is just new from the block but it is a very in demand place as a coffee shop could ever be. They come up with their different concept like any other coffee shop in the world. They made a lounge that is really like a living room with just a light touch of mellow light, comfortable chairs and the friendly and approachable staff who are giving service for 24 hrs.

The coffee shop offers their best finest bake goods from local Austin’s suppliers and they have the different selections of mocha coffee drinks. And as any other coffee shop, they also have their signature drinks the Bennu Coffee Gourmet Mochas. Bennu Coffee Gourmet Mochas has many choices but the best choice in the selection is the Pride and Prejudice that only cost $3.75 This is the house favorite because of its Blend of Sweet chocolate  powder and sauce topped with home-made whipped cream and dusted with chocolate powder.  Besides from the pride and prejudice, there are some other selections that you can choose from like Don Quixote, Moby Dick, and Great Gatsby, The raven, The Scarlete letter and Oliver twist.

If you chose to have a little heavy snack of course Bennu coffee shop is ready for you. They also serve sandwiches, some choices for pasta, salads and most of all pizza.  Bennu coffee shop has 6 flavored toppings that are ready to be made anytime you would want to. And add one cup of coffee for the best snacks.

Beside from Bennu coffee shop, for sure they are also some other places in Austin that you can pick as your best choice. Bennu Coffee shop aim is for the customer to have a very comfortable and beautiful stay while having their coffee with them and they made it a very well done.


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