Changing a baby in a spica cast

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Things You’ll Need:

  • diapers- one size larger, and one that is your childs regular size
  • poise pads
  • moleskin
  • sanitary napkins
  • wipes
  • and a small rubber kitchen spatula
  • First thing to do is to gather all the items you need for the changing of your baby. By gathering all the items it helps the process flow a little easier and in the long run will save you time, as you have a baby in a spica cast laying in front of you …. the last thing you want to do is to be running around looking for your poise pads or diaper. The spica cast can not get wet, this is one of the reasons why you would want this task to run as smoothly and quickly as possible. One of the steps that will save you alot of time is to cut the moleskin in little squares about 2 inches. If you choose to cut these ahead of time it will help you later on.

As you lay your little down, i suggest laying him/her on their back first. You will then take the little squares you cut of the moleskin and line the edges of their cast, especially around the diapering area. The moleskin protects their skin from abrasions and also helps prevent the cast from getting soiled. The first time you line the edges will take you the longest, however, after that you only need to replace them if they are wet or wearing out. The wipes will do a great job in helping your baby stay very clean in between the sponge baths. Always try to wipe and then dry a little of the area to help keep them from sweating to much.

Next you will take your poise pad and line the typical size diaper that your child wears. This diaper is the one that will be put closest to them and will be the diaper absorbing most of the waste. The poise pad is super heavy duty and ensures that your leaks will be minimal. You will then place the edge of the diaper up under the front of the cast, you can start by only putting it in slightly, until you get the back of the diaper inside. Gently pick your baby up supporting under the back with one hand and grabbing the leg to turn them with the other hand. At this time your baby will be them laying on their belly. The back of the diaper needs to get up inside the cast properly to make sure it does its job. I have found one way to make sure you can get the diaper inside without using your fingers or damaging the cast is to use the handle of a rubber spatula. You can push the edge right up through and grab it slightly at the top and pull up securely.

At this time, the nest step is to turn baby back to his/her back. You will take the same precautions in supporting their back and using your hand to turn her body with their leg. Your baby will then need to have the front of the diaper pushed the rest of the way in as well, you can proceed by using the handle of the spatula again to help you ensure its fully inside. Once the inside diaper is in place you can take a sanitary napkin and add some extra cushion around their belly or back, I would not take the paper off though. The sanitary napkin is mainly just to provide extra comfort or even and overflow for more waste that would try to work its way out. Lastly, the bigger size diaper will go over everything to keep it all in place. This diaper is the last step and goes over the entire cast and previous diaper, this is why its important you buy one size larger for this procedure. This diaper does not always get soiled and can be reused.

*A baby in a spica needs alot of patience and extra care, especially when picking up and holding. Please never pick up your baby under the arms when changing in a spica cast or trying to pick them up. Handle them with extra care, they are adjusting too.


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