Class at Taka-Tuka-Land

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Oh! Here’s what you are looking for! Taka-Tuka-Land is the best school for the kids. Fond of colorful succulent aura, this class for kids in Berlin inspires a boisterous reaction. The Kids laughing while playing can be heard from corners to corners of the compound. Its bright colorful design is very imaginative and you can really tell that the kids are happy.

“Sensuous Architectures”, these is what they call for the students who designed and create this children’s garden. They are known as Baupiloten group, a number of architecture students who had their pursuit of academicals knowledge at Faculty VI, Institute for Architecture at Berlin Technical University or (Technische Universal Berlin) make their own scheme from the idea to plan under professional advice. Founded by Architecture Susanne Hoffmann Baupiloten (Bau=build, Piloten=pilot) in 2003 until 2004.

Taka-Tuna-Land Class was established for a limited solution. With the amazing Baupiloten technique for the restoration, it became a lasting place for children. As a part of Pippi Long stocking body of traditions created by Astrid Lindgren a Swedish Author. Pippi in Taka Tuka Country is a cinema film based on one of her works. Teacher and students made different kinds of arts which are based from Taka Tuka Land that has a lot of beautiful things to do and see.  The Baupiloten students decided to have more few days with the children to take note of their behavior, daily activities and the way of their social dealings.

From this plan that has covered a large area of preliminary work; amazing design for the space was established. The woods used for the building was the Pippi’s old oaked tree that has lemonade factory. Its story is a journey of between the seven points of the lemon tree, and everyone has to offer like different exciting activities.


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