500 Billion dollar cut Medicare & Medicaid

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What is wrong with Congress? Cutting medical care to Seniors to fund Health Care Reform is taking from Peter to pay Paul. After all the negative responses from taxpayers across the Country to this proposed Boondoggle of a law, they still insist on going through with it. There must be a hell of a lot of graft in pushing this through. On top of all that they are going to impose a $3800 fine on anyone who doesn’t have or get health insurance. What are people supposed to do sell their blood? Obama promised no taxes for the low and middle income wage earner. So what do they do they implement a tax and call it a fine and adding insult to injury Obama now wants to tax candy and soda. Just who does he think he’s kidding once again this will be on the poor and middle class who already can’t afford food and use their nickels and dimes to buy candy and soda to keep them going? They even want to rename the Health Care Reform Act to the Ted Kennedy Act as is that is supposed to bring back Mary Jo Kopechne from the waters of Chappaquiddick. Like the Bank Bailouts and the Stimulus Bailout the only people who will benefit from this law are Big Business and the Politicians and don’t bother trying to get in contact with the politicians they have fixed it so the only ones who can talk to them are lobbyists. If you send a letter via United States Postal Service it takes upwards of three months for it to clear all security checks before their staff receives it. Twitter and Face book are useless because they ignore everyone and on top of all that the Politicians have it fixed so you cannot even email them. Oh they can send you all the emails they want but it’s a one way street because when you try to reply your emails get sent back as undeliverable. In other words like the so called Town Hall meetings where they are supposed to listen to constituent’s emails & town halls are nothing more than advertising what they want you to hear.


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