Why Do You Gain More Weight During Pregnancy?

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Weight gain during pregnancy by eating balanced diet and healthy food is very good. It is the sign that your baby is getting all the nutrients s/he needs to grow at a healthy rate.

During pregnancy, it is not necessary to eat for two. It is only necessary for you to eat enough food rich in nutrient that will help your baby to grow and also more calories than you before you became pregnant for it will really help to meet the needs of your baby most especially in growth.

Uuuuuuuuuuh!!!! Pregnancy as I have said is not a time to diet. You as a woman during pregnancy need to depend on your body type and also know your weight before pregnancy. Avoid eating anything that come across you or maybe because a friend ate this and it helped her baby to be healthy and big. Note that body type differs from one person to the other. You may eat such food and it will cause problems to you and the growing baby.

Maybe you are underweight before pregnancy, all you need to do is to gain a little when pregnancy occurs and if you are over weight, try all your possible best to loose for it will really help both you and your baby.

Note that as a woman if you do not gain enough weight during pregnancy, you have the risk of delivering a baby with low birth weight, which is the major cause of infant mortality and other childhood psychological, developmental and physical problems such as being asthma, ear infections, respiratory tract infections, great risk of neurological abnormality, low intelligence tests and they are also more likely to have delay in development.

To avoid this predicament through under weight or over weight as a woman, you need to gain enough weight during pregnancy to help not only yourself but your growing baby also.


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