Your Resume: Tips For Writing A Resume

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Every adult looks for a job or a career in their lifetime, some more then others. They do it by using the resourcesthat others have used like, the newspaper, the Internet, career centers, networking etc. The application stage, this first step in job hunting is perhaps the most crucial step.

In most instances the requirement is to only fill out applications or send in your resume. Due to the fact that the potential employer doesn’t not know your face, personality, where you came from and what you have done; you will need to have your resume give the best snap shot of you as you possibly can. Knowing that your resume is the first thing that needs to be perfect to land that job; now here are the tips for insuring your success.

  • Appearance, proper formatting and punctuation are everything. If your resume contains misspelled words, improper or left out punctuation and just flat out not appealing to the eyes, you can probably forget even getting an interview. As stated before and as a reminder, your resume’ is the first thing the hopeful employer see’s. So, take the time on it and always let others proof read your resume over and over again before sending it out. The old saying, “two eyes are better than one” will sure pay off for you in the long run.
  • Before you send your resume out you’ll want to insure that it is tailored to the jobs you are applying for. For instance, if you were submitting your resume to an automotive repair shop to be a mechanic, you wouldn’t want it to heavily express your knowledge, skills and abilities as a butcher for a major meat factory, but your technical knowledge, skills and abilities of cars, engines and preventive maintenance etc. Incidentally, if you do not know anything about automobile repair then it would probably not be a good idea to apply in the first place unless you go to school for it.
  • A good rule of thumb is to include 10 years of verifiable work experience on your resume. If you are young or you don’t have 10 years of verifiable work experience, then put everything you have on it. If you are a student, whether grade school or college, get creative on your resume. You can include extra curricular activities or volunteer work that you have done; even baby sitting or pet sitting will do.  As you get older and your work experience increases, you’ll need to remember the dates and years of each place you worked for. This brings me to the next tip.
  • Always remember your resume is a living document, just like a diary. It will always change year after year. It is crucial to remember the changes and formally input them on your resume’ as the time goes on.
  • Finally, a well written employer friendly resume is only 1 to 2 pages long. Surprised? Well, look at it like this. If a job went out to your on-line career website and was posted for 2 weeks, how many resumes do you think would be sent in for that particular job in that time frame? Depending on the position 300 to 1,000 or even more resumes will probably be received in those two weeks. Point being, your resume needs to be short and to the point because that potential employer will probably spend about 30 seconds to a minute and half screening each and every one of them.

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