High Noon

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Four Academy Awards! Is this a less achievement to describe a movie?

Directed by Fred Zinnemann this movie explores the lonely fight that a man fights, with his principles as his sole companions and wins. Gary Cooper, who got the Academy award for the best actor for his performance in the movie, is cast as Will Kane. He is appointed as the local town Marshall in a town of New Mexico. He is newly married with Amy,played by Grace Kelly. He plans of giving an excuse to his duty so as to join as a storekeeper. But soon there is something that destiny desires. Now Frank Miller, whose role is played by Ian MacDonald comes to the scene. He was a criminal who was caught by Will. He has escaped the clutches of justice due to lack of proper evidence against him. Now he is there and the citizens of the town learn that he is bound to arrive in the noon train that day. He has revenge on his mind. He has vowed to kill Will. Learning this the villagers ask Will to leave the town as they feel that this may help to ease the tension. He is asked to do so even by his wife. But he feels otherwise. He is compelled to do so by his conscience and his principles. He thinks of tackling the criminal. As he decides to do so, he finds that there is no one who will be there to help him. He is alone. But just being alone does not dissuade him from fighting with the criminal. His wife says that she is going to board the train even if he does not come with her. The real drama of the movie unfolds when Frank arrives with his companions and the game begins……..

An Western contradiction….

When you go to see a movie, you expect something to see there. You know something about the movie by its looks and genre etc. But when you see the movie you see some deviation from your expectations. This is what happened with this movie. When you see the covers of the movie you expect to see a typical western movie. A movie filled with those dusty period scenes and filled with action and entertainment. Here you find a lot of real life things. Will is an emotional being and at the same time he is filled with a lot of principles. His principles make him do things. These things are something that most find to be absent in the movie of this genre. So i think that i could rather call this movie a ” Western contradiction” .

Principles and duty

Emotions are an integral part of ones life, so is duty and the character to hold on the principles that one lives with. What makes a hero? Well the answer is naturally – a man who does something great and something beyond the capacity of a normal man. But this movie shows that a hero is someone who is very normal yet is determined enough to do his duty. He does not succumbs to anything. Not even to the pleas from his wife. But instead he is determined to do his duty. This is the high point that was intended to be told by the movie.

Standing Alone

Most people will argue on the matter that standing alone at times is dangerous. Yes it is and heroes do that …. they do that and become heroes! It is shown in the movie that when Will tries to gather support for his fight against Frank the there was no one who came to the forefront. There was support for a strange quarter. He was supported by his ex-lover. But that was something too feeble for a job of this intensity. But that was all that he got. But this did not even dissuaded him a bit to give up the matter. He stood alone.


The movie got the academy award for the best editing. The review would be certainly incomplete if I do not mention about that. The editing of the movie was very different from the conventional editing that was performed those days.

All in the village knew that Frank was coming. Will had very few moments to gather support for himself. All these scene were so nicely edited that it changed the pattern of conventional story telling. It seemed that the events were portrayed as and when they happened. Also the emotional interactions that Will had with himself were very beautifully crafted that made the storytelling even more beautiful.

Sound score and songs in the movie…

This was indeed a high in the movie . Well getting an academy award in this category was not that difficult after listening to the sound score in the movie. It appears to be something different from the conventional sound scores. Here I mean that mostly in the movies the action scenes are made with a superlative music sequence. But in this movie there is sound but at times the scenes go silent as if you feel that you are watching the real fighting and then after that the sound will come and you will never know when it appeared. Also “Do Not Forsake Me” was a beautiful song that was a part of the movie. The high in the song was that the lyrics was something ultimate. There was both intense emotions as well as good rhythm and some pretty and clever selection of the syllables made the song even more beautiful Well i liked that song the most.

Something special to mention. …

Will, had decided that he would leave the badge of the post of Marshall and after that he will get into the boots of a shopkeeper. But he remains to complete this one last challenge in the movie. After that he completes his challenge despite finding support form nowhere. And after that he throws that badge again. Some may find this scene annoying. Even some may feel that he is showing complete disregard to his job and showing disrespect to law and the government. But at this junction I feel that there is more meaning into it than just throwing the badge. It represents confidence that one must have. It is just confidence and not over-confidence that is portrayed by that way. This is a movie that I will definitely recommend for all to watch and enjoy.


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