Throw the "Monkey" out of the "Mind"

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A vessel of gold is my mind,

Holding the treasures of many  a time,

Reflections and shadows dwell,

and like the mighty sea does swell.

To greet the morn in radiance, and once more I say,

Keep your mind fresh like a new born babe,

For where you spirit doth gently lay,

There your mind.

Does humbly rest and stay.

The bus stops, A car door opens. A mother drops her child at school. The day dawns again. Fresh and new. Bathed with the morning dew. We each awaken, our bodies our souls and our minds to embrace a new beginning with the rising of the sun.

Yet how many of us make a definite decision to be mindful ,- of your mind? How many of us chatter away inside that wonderful place we call a brain. Constantly talking. Most of the talk is somewhat negative. Most times it is only when we are angry or look back at something that is bothering us that we go into this “ Monkey Chatter Mode” as I call it.

Now you get the good chatter. Which is an evolving of your thoughts in a good way. and you get the negative chatter. Just as I mentioned before. Mostly scolding someone in our head. Do you know that thought patterns like these can be very harmful to the mind and our own body. It generates a negative vibration that is the beginning and end of a rather dissatisfied day.

Why do we do that? Is it because we are not accepting of our selves. Or others. Or is it just because we don’t have our own way.

Well what ever the reasons are lets just get rid of that monkey . Throw him out. Tail and all. It is not worth you and I sweating over the small stuff. Instead realize that the mind is where your soul dwells. Why would you want to give your soul a bowl of goupe to live in. No make it a shiny castle of peace and good will. Every one has issues.It is a part of learning . How we handle our selves during these issues is what makes us spiritually and emotionally evolved.  All we have to do is to recognize our trends of thought and  change it.

Ahh so I see now a whole lot of monkeys running around on the street. They have all fallen out of our heads. it is a fun sight to see and with that Vision I will leave you today. It was as usual wonderful to visit with you, even for a little while.

Good bye and Good Luck with that little monkey. Don’t let it make a monkey of you icon_smile.gif

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