How you can live your life to the max.

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Regrets? We have too many of them. Times your heart beets so much, wishing you didnt do something? Have you ever said the wrong thing one too many times and made the same mistakes over again? Im not so sure its possible nobody has ever had those moments. I guess a lot of regrets we have in life is due to relationships, and when we see ourselves as failures.
Its known that only 1 in 15 people are 100% happy with their lives. Do you count yourself as one of those?
Instead of asking ourselves questions that will make us more upset like,
“Why is life so boring”
“What do i have to look forward too” and of course the topic of regret, dont think about the people that are suffering so that you can think higher of ourselfes, but think of life itself.
We have been given opputunities, no matter how successfull we are, but knowing the fact that we can do anything we want.
We all imagine, we all dream about what we want most. Why not go out there and make it happen?
Its only the small things that are stopping us from living our life to the max its;
Our reputations and care about what people will think of us as.

If you close your eyes, picture all the things you would do if today was your last day  on earth. Those thoughts are always extreme, because we have no worry about the next day we will have to face, so are feeling free to do whatever we want.

This article does not tell you how to live your life to the max, but in my hopes affects the way you are looking at your life. Remeber that you are in control of your own happines, nobody else has that responsibilty.


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