A closer look at NCAA football odds

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NCAA football season begins late in the summer and ends with the major bowls in early January of the following year. Throughout the year there will be many teams that will prove to be great surprise teams as well as many teams that prove to be major disappointments. The NCAA football odds at the beginning of the season are based mainly on projections of teams, while later in the season NCAA football odds are based primarily on how a team has performed in certain conditions.
NCAA football odds to start the season will be based much more upon the hype of a team in the preseason magazines and how the team finished the year before. As a bettor the beginning of the season can be a good time to try finding some teams that you may be overvalued by the odds makers and fade these teams. Every year there a few teams that are pumped up in a big way and the public generally pours money into these teams, making them very solid fade material. Be careful reading too much into the preseason hype when it comes to NCAA football odds, because the hype can cost you quite a bit of money.
NCAA football odds are looked at in different ways be the odds makers. What do I mean by this? Often there is much more time put into a huge nationally televised game than there is for a game between two smaller schools that gets a lot less publicity. This makes a lot of sense because most people won’t be paying a lot of attention to the smaller school games, meaning the books will make less money from these games.
NCAA football odds are unique from odds for most sports since there is a week leading up until game time. This allows the line to move quite a bit through the week as money pours in on one side or the other. With NCAA football odds you may see one team favored by 3 or 4 a few days before a showdown, only to be a small underdog by kickoff.
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