11 things you need to carry when hiking in India.

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  • Shoes- Unlike for normal walks or running shoes, while trekking you will need hard soled shoes. So invest in a good pair of trekking boots.
  • Rain gear- Depending on when you are travelling, the rain gear you carry will vary, but for safety it is always better to carry adequate rain gear.
  • Sunscreen – India is pretty close to the equator, so it does tend to get hotter. Simply put, the higher the SPF, the better you are protected. So you won’t go home looking like a baked tomato.
  • Sandals– Important, especially if you are going to be close to water. Sandals provide general rest, and you can relax in them after sunset when you set up camp.
  • Cap – This isn’t a fashion statement, so fancy caps won’t work. It’s simpler to get something that protects you, rather than just looks good.
  • Extra Socks – As important as extra underwear, which I have not mentioned! Remember, it’s your feet that get you around, so it makes sense to keep them clean. On strenuous hikes, make sure that your feet are well protected. Moreover in the mountains, you will need adequate thermal wear to keep you warm; socks are one big part of that.
  • Tarpaulin- The most useful piece of folded equipment. It can be used to pitch a tent, for emergency protection, ideal for making a kitchen tent, or one man scene.
  • Extra matches– The worst thing to do outdoors is trying to start a fire the old forgotten caveman method. Technology has provided us with alternatives, and we should use them. So carry a few extra matchboxes, and make sure they are safe, not wet when you need them most.
  • Torch- Gone are the days of fire lanterns and don’t expect a full moon to light your path. Carry a torch, its an absolute necessity.
  • Towel- Don’t leave home without it, especially if you plan to hitch a space ride.
  • First aid Kit- although you may meet some medicine men, and that would be a strange experience, always carry a KIT. Cotton, tablets for generalities, creams, a bandage, some antiseptic, thermometer, a scissor and gauze form a very basic Kit. Many travelers do tend to get stuck with the ‘shits’, so carry enough pills for your stomach.

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