The Main Ways Women Manipulate Men

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Here are all the secrets boys!

We women have been manipulating men for decades because we know it works! I am going to let out the secret to how we do it! The reason for this is because I am now married and have learned that manipulating actually ruins your relationship! If there are women reading this, I hope that you realize how wrong manipulation actually is!

  • Telling men what they want to hear

     Believe it or not we know exactly what men want to hear, what they like to hear, and what will make them give in! For example: if I want to go shopping, but we really don’t have the money or my husband doesn’t want to watch the kids I simply say that I need something or say that if he lets me do this then I will let him do what he wants to do. However when it comes time for him to go do that something then I find someway to argue with him until he gives up and once again I get my way on 2 separate occasions! 

  • Sex

    Obviously (at least obvious enough to me) men know that women use sex to manipulate them! Most guys will do anything for sex. There are more ways than actually having sex to manipulate though. All we women really have to do is dress in a sexy way and men bend over and kiss our feet. Guys if you want a tip to stop being manipulated in this manner quit thinking with what’s below!

  • Whining

    We also know that if we whine about something long enough men will eventually give in so that they don’t have to listen to us whine anymore. Men- take a stand. My husband just ignores me, so after being ignored so long I stop whining and deal with the fact that the answer is no!

  • Guilt

    If you have ever done anything that makes you feel guilty and your wife/girlfriend knows about it she will use it over and over again to get her way! The only way to stop this is to realize that whatever you did wrong if you both decided to get over it and make the relationship work then you shouldn’t feel guilty anymore. Learn to forgive yourself and remind her that she forgave you for that. Don’t give in!

  • Head Games

    Women are masters at head games. We can think up things that we don’t even mean just to mess with you! We are pretty amazing if you really think about it! I mean if we don’t like something that you do we can talk you out of whatever it is and make it so that you never do it again without even knowing that’s what happened! The only way to spot this is if your woman is trying to get you to stop doing something you love and starts rambling on about all these reasons you shouldn’t do it this is what she is doing. I have learned this one the hard way. I used to try to do this to my husband, and it worked, however now that he doesn’t do anything anymore he is at home to drive me crazy and he is going crazy because he doesn’t have anything to do… so this actually works better if we girls steer clear of trying to manipulate and control our men in this way!

Those are the main ways women manipulate and control the men in our life. My advice is to stop manipulating, in the end it only makes things worse. Also for the men out there, take a stand! Don’t give in to your women manipulating you, eventually after not giving in for so long she will give up and stop manipulating you!


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