Rules of dating

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The unbiased opinion of one woman on dating

  • The man always pays for the date, every date no matter what; no questions asked!
  • The first date needs to have a time limit, two hours is plenty to get to know each other for a first date.
  • Men drive to the ladies part of town, it is just good manners gentleman, and you want these ladies to know your parents raised you right.
  • Come prepared to the date with great topics, such as your dreams, your job, future trips and so forth. This is not the date to talk about your divorce or ex’s leave them for much later.
  • Make sure that each person has a chance to talk; if you notice your mouth is dry chances are you are talking too much.
  • Never bring up sex or wanting to get married/long term relationship on the first date that is date death.
  • Never be more than 15 minutes late for the date, if you are going to be later call and let you date know that you are running late.
  • No matter what promise yourself that you will have fun on the date, hold all judgments and opinions and just enjoy the person it is just one date.
  • Keep your ego in check, this is just a date and it may only be one that is what dating is. Sometimes it is a match sometimes it’s not but don’t get your feelings hurt if the other person does not like you.

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