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What is Yuwie find out now?

Well, you get paid to participate and more. Read more to find out now.

Socialize in a Club

One of the ways you can participate in Yuwie is to either create a club around an interest of yours, or join a club someone else created.

Own Blog

Every member at Yuwie.com has their own blog.

Photos and Videos

Everyone at Yuwie.com can upload their own photos and videos. Other people can see them and comment on them.

Getting Paid

So how do you get paid for all this?

Every page on Yuwie.com has advertisements. The site gets paid every time an ad is shown, and shares that ad revenue with its members.

Revenue is shared based on the number of page views you’ve accumulated. You get a page view when you personally view a page on the site, when one of the people you referred views a page on the site, or when another member views one of your photos, videos, profile, etc.

Note that you don’t receive 1 page view for each of your referral’s page views, but actually a percentage based on how deep they are in your referral tree. The basic idea, though, is the more referrals you have the more page views you get.

Every month Yuwie.com will calculate how much money they received from advertisers, figure out how much a page view is worth, and then pay the members based on the number of pages views they have for that month.

Then it starts all over again the next month.

Basically, if you’re responsible for the page view, either because you did it yourself, someone you referred did it, or you created the content, you get credit for it.

How Much Can You Make?

Yuwie.com is still too new to know.

The referral tree goes ten levels deep, so you could eventually have tens of thousands of people generating page views for you. This would certainly add up! The help on Yuwie has an example that shows how you can make $10,000 a month.

The key to making that much is referring three active members who each refer three active members, so on down the line.

In the short-term, don’t expect to quit your day job quite yet. Yuwie.com is an income earner for the long-term, as you continue to build up content that attracts other members and continue to refer new members.

How Do I Join?

Click the banner and signup. It’s free, and you can get paid even if you do not live in the United States.

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