Child safety at home

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Child safety should be practiced at home at all times, to prevent accidents. Your home can be a unsafe place if dangerous chemicals and other hazardous items are not locked away. Here are some simple steps that you can take to protect your children at home.

Microwaves are very useful and convenient to use, but if not used properly can cause serious harm. Children enjoy using the microwave, but sometimes they leave the food in there for a longer time than necessary. When the microwave door is opened, the steam can be dangerously hot and can cause serious burns. The contents can also explode causing serious injury.

Teach your children to wear a safety helmet when riding their bikes. The helmets can protect their heads in case of an accident. Accidents to the head, can cause death and permanent brain damage. Lead paint exposure is also something that can be dangerous to young children. Lead poisoning can lead to irreversible brain and nerve damage. You can check the level of lead in your home, by purchasing a do-it-yourself kit. (Sold in many hardware stores, such as, Home depot.)

Make sure that you lock away household items, such as, bleach, alcohol, detergent, and other dangerous chemicals. Also put away all medicines in a medicine chest, locked for safety. Keep the key in a safe area, where you can easily find it. Lock away firearms in a location where children cannot locate it. Children can be killed or seriously injured, if a gun is accessible to them. If you own a firearm, take the ammunitions out and lock them away with safety locks. Always store the ammunitions separately from the guns. To help save your child from harm, when leaving your home, check to make sure that your child is not behind your vehicle when backing up. These are common accidents that happens each year, that could be prevented if child safety was practiced in the home.


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