Uniform Employees

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This short story is about people in uniform who have been misunderstood while trying to do their job.  I plan to provide detailed descriptions of how an officer can be misjudged by their colleagues and their superiors.  Let’s start off with Police Officers; they are in the field everyday risking their lives to protect the public from harm and dangerous toils that of people who owns a criminal life, and as soon as they do their job protecting us against the bad guys, they are put on administrative leave with or without pay depending on the situation.  I feel that protecting us is a dangerous job, we as a people should be happy that these men and women are willing to sacrifice their lives to save and protect the innocent.  They never receive the credit that is due to them.  I never understood why people ridicule the police for doing their job; they are human just like you and I, and they don’t always know the outcome of a situation.  The truth that really needs to be stress here is, Police officers are our friends, and they don’t make the laws, they just uphold it so people need to understand their position. 

  1. Let’s move on to the armed security group.
  2. Now let’s switch over to the Special Police Officers (SPO).

Special Police officers are assigned to a pacific area; they are mainly used to protect Government facilities. They are not considered to be regular police, yet the carry weapons.  They have a limit to when and where their weapons could be used.  They go home with the same threat that we all share after a day’s work, was our job done correctly?  Special Police officers can detain until regular police officers arrive.  They are considered as, rent a cop which is a poor term for them.  They serve and protect just like everyone else.  They should not be ridiculed.  The only complaint that I can see given by a civilian is, that they were detain, and that the officer is working out of his jurisdiction.  I feel if the officer is in uniform on his way home and he witness a crime about to take place that he should be able to investigate.  As I continue my research on men and women in uniform, I came to know there are other professions that have severe consequences if a mistake or complaint is made.  Let’s turn out attention towards doctors and nurses.

Doctors and nurses have a difficult job; they have to be precise with everything that they do.  Nurses have to give the right dosage of medicine to patients, or they will have reactions if given more than expected, and if they are given insulin to a patient by using an injection needle, or given a shot in other “terms” they have to be very careful not to cause any pain or discomfort to the patient, or their will be consequences to pay from the complaint of the patient, or the patient’s family.  No one will ever ask them how did they administered the needle, or was the patient still or moving, no, none of that will happen, they will just request another nurse who probably will get the same grief.  Doctors on the other hand have a different approach on patients, they are there to make well or save a life.  That is the criteria of their job.  


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