How to Identify the Real YOU

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Be True to Yourself- Between the ages of 5yrs and 12yrs old, we have picked up identity traits from our loved ones, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles. Our brains acted like sponges, and those traits helped build who we are. Then the “real world” hits us like a ton of bricks, and so we accumulate many titles, roles that we play. Somewhere along the line we start to lose our identity, or hide behind titles. Being true to yourself means not denying what your true wants and needs are. Being true to yourself means that those around you must accept who you are as a person, and you not live in fear of rejection.

Step 2

Take Inventory of Your Life-What are your likes? What are your dislikes? What makes you happy? Find whatever it is that makes you happy and build around that. If your happiness clashes with loved ones, identify this situation and talk about it. Making simple adjustments can make a big difference. It will make a positive impact on your current relationship or future ones as well. One thing that hinders our growth as adults, is living in sin, or living with uncontrolled addictions. Living that sort of lifestyle only gets in trouble, and actually stunts our growth as adults, and an important key element of being in touch with yourself is finding strength and courage to overcoming adversity. This trait is the difference between kids and adults. And sin/addictions only makes it harder for us as adults to make clear and precise decisions.

Step 3

Check Your Past- I am generally not a person who likes to live in the past, yesteryear, but in better understanding who you are today, it might be necessary to know who you were in the past. There may be some unresolved issues that still linger, even after all these years. These lingering issues may stunt our growth as adults, so they need to be resolved. This may take some time, but YOU are important to you and to God. So you are worth it. It may be necessary to see a therapist if the issues are too great to handle. One technique to use is to forgive anyone who has wronged you to the point that you still remember after all this time. To forgive and to move on, is a healthy endeavor.

Step 4

Do Not Let Your Past Be an Excuse- Some people had a great upbringing, loving caring parents, strong values, and even a strong support system. This is a great start and may lead to strong individuals in life. Then there are the unfortunate people who grew up in single parent homes, poverty, abuse, no religion, no love, this seems to be a growing epidemic in this country. Who you were, is not who you are now! When you learn to master step 3, make sure you understand that your living now will change. Feel it, know it, ask, believe, receive. See yourself as the YOU that you want to be, on a daily basis, and you will see a difference in your life.

Step 5

So, Who Are You?- This seems to be an easy question to answer, but truly is something you have to ponder on to answer the question. Be it that you are an angry man, sad woman, happy person, loving wife, disgruntled worker, unhappy husband, God fearing woman, gloomy son, the list goes on and on, who are you? Consider the point on this article, a husband is unhappy in his marriage because he does likes a certain hobby or exercise, but is not insistent enough to tell his wife that. What happens then? Or a worker that quits his job because he does not enjoy his working conditions but was not assertive enough to let the higher ups know. He quits, not because he can’t do his job, but because he did not know who he was as a worker. These are only examples, but we hinder our growth when we do not know who we are as adults.

Tips & Warnings

Make a list, of your likes and dislikes, what makes you happy? What have you been doing lately that you dislike, but feel you have to do? Can that be changed? It may seem silly, but this is a technique to help you to know yourself better.

Make a list of all your great attributes. Loving yourself is actually a healthy means of life. Are you funny? Fun to be around? Smart? Make this list and pat yourself on the back for being awesome!

Learning to forgive is a difficult behavior to establish, but in the long run, will be a key factor to your growth.

If you feel change in your life is necessary, think about the YOU that you want to be, make goals in your life and become a person who makes every attempt to fulfil those goals. You will feel good about yourself when you reach those goals.

In making an inventory of your life, you may discover you may need to make changes, and people around you may not like change. Be aware of this, and tell those people around you that this change is for the better, and they need to understand and support.

Ultimately, you have to live with YOU, and check your attitude, your degree of happiness in your life, when you do, you will have such a beautiful outlook on life, and really have a great outlook on who you are. Thanks and God bless


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